So you got a puppy!

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So you got a puppy. Running around full of cuteness and mischief. Now what?

Start with making sure your little one gets proper care, vaccines, good nutrition, etc. You will need to start working on good habits from the start, both at home and out.

At home make decisions about what rules are important to you and be sure the whole family knows the rules so you can all be consistent. Kennel or crate training is a great option and gives little Fido a safe place that belongs to him.

Do your future groomer a HUGE favor and practice things like brushing and combing, handling the puppy’s feet (very important) and teaching him to stand. Don’t let your puppy rule the roost, no matter how cute. They learn very quickly that a little whimpering will make you stop brushing. You are not hurting them. Crying is a puppy’s way of saying “hey, stop it, I don’t want you to do that”. If you are gentle and consistent, they will learn.

If you have a breed that will need regular grooming and haircuts, please be sure to start early. As soon as your puppy has his shots, he can come to see the groomer. It is so much easier when they start young. We prefer to start them with just a bath and brush at least the first time or even the first couple of visits. They can learn the process and learn not to be afraid. Once they are prepared, we can start haircuts.

Learning to stand for handling is an important task, along with cooperating for nail trims. Again you are not hurting him. Holding your puppy’s foot does not hurt, it is a control issue. Dogs have an instinct to protect their feet.. Teach him young that is it ok to give up control of his feet and you will save him a lifetime of fear and problems over nail trimming.

Please remember that just like kids, puppies need patience, well defined rules and consistency

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