Grooming Older Pets

Days go by and we see our dear furry friends begin to slow down. We worry as their eyes cloud up and muzzles turn grey.  Where did the time go?

Naturally we have questions about keeping our dogs healthy, happy and comfortable as they age.

Be sure to have that conversation with your trusted veterinarian.  Be aware of careful nutrition, healthy teeth and gentle exercise.

Another important part of keeping your sweet old dog comfortable is continued regular grooming.  Being fresh and clean can be invigorating.

As your friend slows down, her nails are not worn down as much and she will need them trimmed regularly.  Nails that grow out too long can cause pain in walking and if seriously neglected, can even cause feet to be deformed as toes twist sideways from overgrown nails.

If your old friend is a dog that needs haircuts, you may wonder how to maintain your dog’s comfort and appearance balanced with avoiding too much stress.  We as your groomers are here to help.  Here at Wags My Tail, we have many senior pets that we take care of for grooming.  Please let us know your concerns and listen to our advice which comes from years of experience.

One of the concerns may be how long they are here.  We understand and certainly want to do everything we can to get these elderly friends back home quickly and safely.  Just remember that sometimes, being here longer means that we can handle them slower, give them chances to rest from standing and take in to account their special needs.

We recommend if possible, you schedule appointments for your senior on days that are less busy.  It’s also best if your schedule allows, to use the early morning appointments, the first appointments are the quickest, before the day gets busy.

Finally, you may need to follow your groomer’s recommendations for a simpler groom, shorter hair, easier maintenance. She knows what your pet can tolerate and wants her to be safe.

We are glad for the opportunities we have to help your fur babies enjoy their golden years, healthy, happy and looking good.

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