Fireworks & Dogs

July is here and America’s Independence Day comes with food, friends and family, and fireworks! As you are making your plans for
that day you should make plans for your dog too. Did you know that more pets go missing on the Fourth of July than any other holiday?
Lets keep our pets safe while we celebrate with these helpful tips.

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1. It is best to keep pets inside during these celebrations as the sounds of fireworks and other loud noises are very frightening.

  • Prep a safe space or Crate for your dog
  • Favorite treats and toys are always welcomed and can be a comfort when unfamiliar things are happening.
  • Turn on a radio or television to create white noise may help to distract your dog and mask loud sounds.
  • Remove visual stimulation by closing curtains, shutting blinds, and even covering crates.
  • Homeopathic Options: Wraps (Thunder Shirts/Anxiety Wraps), Synthetic pheromones (Adaptil/Comfort Zone), and herbal relaxants (Rescue Remedy/Ultra-Calm) can help.

2. A properly fitted collar with identification tags with current information such as dogs name and phone number. Consider microchipping your dog for extra assurance as most shelters and veterinary facilities have scanners to read this unique registered information. And it is always good to have a current photo incase of having to make inquiries of a lost pet.

3. Some activities have yummy foods and drinks for us humans but can be toxic and possibly hazardous to our pets. Keep your pet on their normal diet and keep fresh water available to prevent dehydration.

4. If your dog has had “problems” in the past, talk to your veterinarian about prescription medication or get some one-on-one training with your dog trainer ahead of time.

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