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Tucson dog groomerWhen the dreaded 5 am rolls around and its time to take off for that run ( or jog, or wog or just walk) does your fury friend follow you to the door with longing eyes? Do you worry and feel the guilt of not spending enough time with your 4 legged bestie?

Why not combine the two? Make your dog your exercise partner! Roll out the door with the perfect workout companion. They will never judge how fast or how far you went. They will just be overjoyed to share the time with you.

The benefits to both of you are immense. Just like people, dogs need exercise to stay healthy and happy. The will be excited to be with you and they will never tell if you cut a corner Fresh air, new scenery, and blood pumping will bring a new outlook for you and your dog.

You already know your buddy needs regular dog grooming and vet checks, why not add shared exercise to benefit you both.

As you would for yourself, be sure to check with your dog’s veterinarian before starting a new activity with your dog. Start gradually and work up to that marathon…..or not. Your young dog will enjoy burning off energy and your senior will have a new excitement for life.

Besides the previously mentioned jogging or walking, you can try bike riding,  or roller blading.  Your dog might be one of those that finds frisbee catching fun and it can turn into a complete workout and even competitions.  For something outside the norm, try flyball or agility.  You will gain new friends and find muscles you didn’t know you had.

The possibilities are many, each with its own benefits and cautions. Be sure to research what you want to try, take time for training your dog, and make sure you both are enjoying it.

You may discover a whole new hobby and new adventures. Have fun!

Don’t forget to check out our events page for fun stuff to do with your dog in Tucson, and Marana

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